I wrote a utility to check AnveoDirect rates, using the anveodirect.all.csv file they make available for download. I load the 250mb csv file into a database. It's about 4.5 million rows.

Check AnveoDirect Rates | kilovox.com

If you check the "Lock Rates" option, it will only display domestic or worldwide routes, according to the domestic/worldwide list on AnveoDirect's Outbound Trunk screen and the type of phone number you enter (domestic/worldwide).

I can't promise it will be exactly as Anveo's LCR sorting and selection, but I think it's close. But use at your own risk; please don't depend on it.

A cron job checks for a new csv file weekly, so the rates could change in that time. And any route can failover, so you might not always get the lowest rate.

It's my understanding the InterRate is for out-of-area calls, and the IntraRate is for in-area calls. I'm not sure what constitutes being in-area, but I suspect if you're dialing a US number from a US caller ID, you get the IntraRate. That's based on usually getting a slightly lower IntraRate through the Bandwidth route, even calling other area codes.

Many of the worldwide routes have 0 for the IntraRate. I'm sorting the data by the IntraRate if it's not 0, otherwise by the InterRate. Both rates are listed.

Sometimes when there are several routes with the same rate, the order they're listed is different vs. the AnveoDirect call simulator. I'm not sure if there's any reason for the different sorting. I suspect it's however it happens to come out of the database.

In the first iteration of the utility, it was grepping the csv file directly, and it sometimes took a few seconds to return results. Having it loaded into a database made it much faster. It searches for prefix matches against the phone number you enter.

Sometimes there will be multiple prefixes matched. For example, "1555222" and "1555". And even "1" (for some really expensive rates). There are worldwide carriers that will terminate US calls. If you check "Lock Rates" it will filter those out, if you prefer.

Please note that while this utility will list all of the matches, AnveoDirect matches a maximum of 8 routes for the LCR selection. Once you factor in your carrier selection and rate limits, the matches may be less.

These are the POST variables for the php script:

phonenumber     value=valid numeric phone number
lockrates       value=lock or empty
format          value=csv or empty

If you're using the php script directly, you can set "format" to "csv" if you want csv output, instead of formatted text for display.

For example:

curl -s -d "phonenumber=12027621401" -d "lockrates=" -d "format=csv" \

There will be one csv header line and the rows are terminated with linefeeds.

That will check the rates for calling the U.S. Naval Observatory to check the time (12027621401), by the way.

If there's any interest in the scripts and database setup to run this yourself, let me know, and I'll see if I can prepare it and find a good way to make it available.

DSLReports [Anveo] Utility for checking AnveoDirect rates