A Free New York Phone Number from Callcentric

Callcentric just started offering free New York phone numbers for use with their VoIP service.

At launch time, they’re saying they’ve got free phone numbers “available in over 80 rate centers (cities) within New York State.”

There are some limitations (check their website). If you’re in the U.S., there’s a charge for 911 service. Also, the phone number “… must receive call(s) totaling at least one (1) completed minute of use every three (3) months …”

This is probably a good time for an impromptu Callcentric review. I’ve been using Callcentric for my VoIP service for more than 5 years. I signed up in February 2007.

The short version: Callcentric is excellent.

I had used several different VoIP services with my own ATA (a Sipura SPA-3000), and finally hooked up with Callcentric and it was clearly the better choice for call quality and support. Initially I used a free IPKall Seattle phone number in combination with Callcentric for outgoing calls, but eventually got an incoming phone number from Callcentric, instead.

I use the pay-as-you-go outgoing call option, and it works out really well.

Now the thing with Callcentric is, you use your own VoIP device and set it up yourself (as opposed to having the service send you a preprogrammed device). They’ve got pretty good help on setting up devices, and their support is really quick and helpful, so it’s not that bad setting up a simple ATA.

I started out with a single SPA-3000 hooked up to a desk phone and DECT phone, but recently installed Asterisk on my Asus RT-N16 router running Tomato firmware so I can have a Polycom 321 IP Phone (pictured above), and a few DECT phones using ATA’s hooked up at the same time. The old Sipura SPA-3000 still works, as well as a new OBi110 (ordered from Amazon) which works for both a DECT phone, and provides a bridge so I can access my PSTN line from the various phones, too.

And now with the option for a free phone number, Callcentric is an even better deal.