One of the things I use my Raspberry Pi for is recording security camera feeds using ffmpeg. I record rtsp mpeg4 640x480 15fps streams of 9 cameras 24/7.

I've got 9 Panasonic cameras (bl-c101a & bl-c140a). I used to use a browser on my main computer to display these on a second monitor; 9 320x240 mjpeg streams. Either IE with old active-x controls or Firefox, which can just play the motion-jpegs as img src.

I wrote a utility to check AnveoDirect rates, using the anveodirect.all.csv file they make available for download. I load the 250mb csv file into a database. It's about 4.5 million rows.

Check AnveoDirect Rates |

I wrote a small utility to check area codes. You can try it here, if it's helpful.

Check Area Code |

Enter an area code to do a lookup. Or enter a 2 character state, province, or +1 North American country code to lookup area codes. Enter ? for a list of all area codes.