Trying to Stay Cool During Blackouts

BPIP-99 Electri Pac and 12V Fan

Trying to stay cool on a hot day and the power is out? I got this 12V battery pack and 12V fan more than 10 years ago, and I’m still happy to have it.

I actually found a link for the old Century BPIP-99 Electri Pac model here. I remember it having 37 AH capacity, but according to the link it’s actually two 17 AH batteries (most likely 12V, so it has 34 AH total capacity). It has a built-in 300 watt inverter, but I rarely use it. These types of battery packs are fairly common, and I’m sure you can find similar newer models around.

You could also just get an SLA battery and wire a connector onto it, but it’s kind of handy to have the nice case with the connectors built-in.

I found the 12V fan at Camping World. I don’t see the same model there any more, but there are others that look just as good or better.

The 12V fan that I have is rated at 1.4 amps. I can generally use it all day or all night on the high speed setting before the battery wears out.

It’s no replacement for an air conditioner, but on a hot day it’s much better than nothing.

UPDATE (Oct. 2010): The batteries in the Electri Pac finally gave out and will no longer take a charge. They lasted longer than I thought they would. I’ll probably look for 20-40 AH SLA battery to replace it.

  • Good tip! As many brown outs as we have in the Philippines your back-up fan is a great idea.

  • Great idea! When you have a brown out, you notice right away how the sweat beads up immeadiatly on your face. It’s amazing.

  • It’s come in handy more times than I can remember.

  • Well! I use an inverter for this. It have 180AH tabular battery which can give 5 hours of backup while I use my PC, Fan and light same time.
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  • That’s another way to go. Stay cool!

  • Hello and ty for this info. I just recievedone of these from my uncle. I was wondering if maybe u had a copy of the manual on your computer u might be willing to email me. Also, how can I tell if the battery isn’t any good anymore? I’m charging it now but I don’t know what to look for if its bad. The charging lights are on when it’s plugged in, but when I turn the power on when it’s not plugged in, no lights come on and neither does the fan. It may just be dead but I have no idea. Thanks for your help. My email is [removed].

  • Hi… Sorry I don’t have a manual for it. I’d try to leave it on the charger for several hours or overnight. Then, remove the charger and press the “test” button. The battery power level lights should light up towards the full charge indicator. If the lights don’t light up when you press the “test” button, the battery is probably dead and no longer serviceable.

  • I am trying to find a charger for my bpip-99 I looked every where can anybody help me if u can here is my number 301 237 8699 guy is my name

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