Supplements for a Healthy Heart, Vitamin K2

Supplements for a Healthy Heart, Vitamin K2
I’ve been taking several vitamins and supplements for the past 8 years or so. Some of these I take in hopes of keeping my heart healthy: CoEnzyme Q10, Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Beta Carotene, and lately, Vitamin K2 MK-7, Curcumin, and Cayenne.

Vitamin K2 + Vitamin D + Vitamin A, The Missing Link?

There has been research lately that shows the importance of a vitamin many have never heard of: Vitamin K2. Typically when you think of Vitamin K, you think of Vitamin K1. Vitamin K1 is found in green leafy vegetables and aids in blood clotting.

The thought is, that Vitamin K2 aids the body in effective use of calcium. Basically, the calcium in the bloodstream goes where it’s supposed to go, allowing proper calcium absorption in the bones to keep them strong instead of clogging arteries with arterial calcification. There’s some suggestion it may even reverse existing arterial calcification.
K2 MK-7, Vitamin D, Beta Carotene
Vitamin D and Vitamin A may also be part of the mechanism that allows Vitamin K2 to be effective, the three nutrients having a synergistic effect.

While we may get some Vitamin D from our diets and sun exposure, many people aren’t getting enough Vitamin D to maintain healthy blood levels. Check out the Vitamin D Council’s “Am I Vitamin D Deficient?” article. They recommend taking enough Vitamin D to maintain 25(OH)D blood levels at 50-80 ng/ml. A few months ago I increased my Vitamin D dosage from 2,000 IU to 7,000 IU daily.

I also take Beta Carotene to insure I get enough Vitamin A. Vitamin A in Retinyl Palmitate form can be dangerous if too much is taken. Beta Carotene is generally safer. The body will use it to make as much Vitamin A as it needs.

Vitamin K2 MK-4 vs. MK-7

There are two commonly available forms of Vitamin K2: MK-4 and MK-7. The MK-4 form is found in butter from grass fed cows. The MK-7 form is found in a fermented soy product called Natto. Both of these are also available in supplement form.

Some research studies have been done with MK-4 whereas others have been done with MK-7. The MK-4 form is cleared from the blood stream faster. Significant amounts of Vitamin K2 MK-7 remain in the blood stream for 3 days.

It’s not clear which is best. It might not be a bad idea to take both. For the time being, I’ve been taking 90 mcg of Vitamin K2 MK-7.

CoEnzyme Q10

CoQ10, CoEnzyme Q10
Many people have heard of CoQ10. I take it to improve my energy levels and strengthen my heart. A nice side effect I noticed was that it improved the health of my gums. I got a nice complement from my dentist. I take around 100mg twice a day (with breakfast and dinner).

Curcumin and Cayenne

Curcumin, Cayenne
I also take Curcumin/Tumeric and Cayenne to help prevent clogged arteries. The Cayenne burns my stomach a little bit, but it helps to take it just before eating instead of after. I take 500mg of each daily.

Fish Oil

One more thing I take to help keep my heart healthy is Fish Oil. I used to take fish oil capsules, but I think the liquid fish oil is a better value. The particular brand I use has an orange flavor and doesn’t have much fishy taste. I usually take 1-2 tsp a day.
Fish Oil
What sorts of things do you do to keep your heart healthy? And if you take Vitamin K2, what has been your experience with it?

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  • CoQ10? I have never heard of it but the benefits to my heart and my gums sounds good. Will have to check it out.

  • Do check it out. There seems to be some correlation between heart health and gum health.

  • Hello and good afternoon.

    I am searching for information on gotocola plant in the philippines. do u have information???

    also, do u know the general price of this heart vitamin in the philippines. i understand they sell it in volume.

    thankj you.

  • Hi Steve.

    I haven’t seen Gotu Kola for sale here in the Philippines, yet. I know you can get it at iHerb, though.

  • I eat k2 vitamin every day in order to have maximum bone strength an heard health. Have heard it also has a strong effect on cancer, diabetes 2, alzeimer and some other things.. not 100 % proven yet, but we might see some interesting studies in the future ???

  • Hi Morten. I think vitamin K2 is really important. I look forward to more studies being done. In the mean time, I’ve added K2 MK-4 to the K2 MK-7 that I’ve been taking.

  • Hi

    these are all great! Have you considered taking CoQ10 as ubiquinol? the reduced form of ubiquinone. those over 40 don’t convert ubiquinone to ubiquinol very well and the latter is absorbed better. In addition to MK-7 (part of my vitamin D supp), I get some MK-4 in my multi but recently discovered high vitamin butter oil from Green Pastures…to your point, it’s a butter oil that comes from grass fed cows. My dentist always remarks on my bone and teeth when I get an xray (saying how good the bone and enamel look) and at the last visit he said they ‘look better than before, if that’s possible’…i’m thinking, apparently so!

  • Hi Doug. I haven’t tried switching to Ubiquinol, yet. I’ve looked into it some, but haven’t ordered any due to the fact that it’s much more expensive than CoQ10.

  • I am a 50 yr. young woman with Osteoporosis. I’m spilling large amnts. of calcium in urine. My dr. prescribed Fosomax which I took 1x/wk for about 2 months & started experiencing side effects, so I stopped. I am now trying C0Q10, Vit K2, good quality calcium, Along with my fish oil, multi vit,, 2,000 D3, biotin. I have also increased my weight bearing exercise…It’s so discouraging to find so much conflicting info on natural supplements! Thank you for your info & recommended links!

  • Hi Aya. I also take Calcium Citrate and Magnesium Citrate, and I think Vitamin K2 is especially important for the bones. I wish you good health.

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