SecureDragon VPS 1+ Year Review


I’ve used SecureDragon for over a year now (since November 2012), and I wanted to give them credit for providing a great service. I’ve used many different services, and I think this is one of the best.

SecureDragon became popular for providing small VPS’s with even less than 128MB RAM, and my first one was a 64MB OpenVZ VPS at their Florida location. After they began offering service in Denver, I picked up another 64MB OpenVZ VPS in Denver. I’ve used both of these mostly as VPNs.

The network quality for VPN use out of their Denver location (at Handy Networks) is the best I’ve ever used. Of course this can change over time, but so far so good.

The test for a VPN isn’t just connectivity from you to the VPN, but also from the VPN to various CDNs. The speed test from your VPN server may be great, but trying to stream over it may be a challenge if the network quality is poor. If you want a VPS for VPN use, my advice is to get a Dragon in Denver.

I recently picked up a new 1GB OpenVZ VPS with SecureDragon in Denver to try to use for web hosting, and a second one in Los Angeles for monitoring, DNS, and backups.

I usually prefer to use 512MB Xen or KVM VPS’s for web hosting. I last tried OpenVZ many years ago for web hosting and found it using way more RAM than it did on my Xen server, and I’ve avoided it since then. But a good deal on the SecureDragon VPS came up, and with the memory management changes and introduction of VSWAP for OpenVZ, I thought I’d give it another try.

I’m finding that a similar setup on OpenVZ is using a bit more than twice as much RAM as on Xen or KVM. Whereas I’m using around 250MB RAM on Xen or KVM, OpenVZ is consuming around 530MB. Everything is nice and snappy so far, though, so I’ll continue to use it. It’s a good thing it’s 1GB for OpenVZ instead of 512MB!

I’ve only had to contact support once, for a simple matter, but the response was very quick and polite. Everything else just works.

They also offer KVM VPS’s, DDOS protected OpenVZ VPS’s, backup servers, and CPanel hosting, though I haven’t used their other services.

They just sent out an email announcing that they’ll be adding four new locations: Atlanta GA, Dallas TX, Phoenix AZ, and Weehawken NJ to add to their five existing locations (Tampa FL, Denver CO, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL, and Portland OR). I wish them lots of success–they deserve it.

  • Securedragon?
    stay away from this company
    they have terminated my services after approximately 2 years (2 VPS) without warning
    I opened a ticket and they told me that I run bitcoin miner
    I’ve never done this type of service, and personally I do not know what it is. I do not believe in a violation of the password because I use denyhosts set to ALL and without recovery. I asked to reinstall the VPS but they refused. I have no other information.

  • Sorry to hear that. I can understand why they wouldn’t want a bitcoin miner running on their node, since it would saturate the cpu all the time.

    If you didn’t install it yourself, it sounds like you might have been hacked, somehow.

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