Registrar Mini-Review: Dynadot, DreamHost,,

Here are my reviews of domain name registrars I’ve used. Hope you find it useful.


I registered one domain name with Dynadot back in 2006. My only issue with them was that their whois privacy still left your name exposed, but that’s the way it was designed and I knew that when I registered. I left when I got a DreamHost account with free domain name registration.

Transfer out from Dynadot to DreamHost was smooth. Dynadot responded to the transfer request within 5 hours and the transfer was completed right away (within 5 hours).


For the next 3+ years, I used DreamHost. I transferred one domain from Dynadot, and registered a few more. I know what they say about keeping your domain registration and hosting separate, but I got 5 free domain names with my DreamHost account, so it was a good deal. DreamHost included free whois privacy.

The only issue I had with DreamHost domain name registration, is that their DNS control panel only works if you’re hosted with DreamHost. If you want to use it for a site hosted elsewhere, you need to change the DNS to use non-Dreamhost DNS servers (which they allow). This doesn’t seem too unreasonable since their main business is webhosting, but something to be aware of if you just want to use them as a registrar.

When I moved away from DreamHost, I transferred my domain names to The transfer out from DreamHost to was smooth. DreamHost responded to the transfer requests within 24 hours. I don’t have a record of receiving emails from after the transfer completed, but from my memory, they were set up right away after DreamHost approved the transfer requests.

For the next 6 months, I used I transferred 4 domains from DreamHost, and registered one new one at

I chose because of the good reviews and the free whois privacy they were offering at the time.

One thing to mention, at least if you’re using DNS (not sure if it applies otherwise), is that puts their own advertising page on any subdomains that aren’t defined in your DNS records. I didn’t really care for this, but setting up a wildcard DNS record stopped it.

After the whois privacy fiasco, I decided to switch registrars. I thought about it for awhile and read reviews, and decided to switch to

(In case you haven’t heard, stopped giving out free whois privacy. There’s a coupon you can use to get free whois privacy now, but no telling how long it will last. I decided not to play the coupon game.)

Transfer out from to was not smooth. never responded to the transfer request, so I waited exactly 6 days, 4 hours, and 10 minutes for the transfer to complete.

Even one day after the transfer completed, the domains still showed up in the control panel.

I emailed support to let them know, and they responded and removed them from my account within 12 hours. They said if I had wanted the transfer to be completed sooner, I would have had to contact them so they could manually authorize the transfer out.

I had assumed since Dynadot and DreamHost could automatically respond to the transfer requests, that all registrars did. But I guess is not as automated as Dynadot and DreamHost.

I just started using, transferring all 5 of my domains to them.

I chose because of the good reviews and the free whois privacy. They’re also cheaper than, though that’s not the main reason I chose them. states that transfers are completed 5 days after the domains have been submitted to the registry for transfer (after the current registrant approval), if no response is received from the existing registrar. I kept track of the timing from the emails they sent me (yes, including timezone differences), and after 6 days, I emailed support to ask them to check into the transfer.

Even though it had already been 6 days, they were insistent that the transfers would be completed after 5 days, and that it was an automated process. Shortly after contacting them, the transfers completed, after exactly 6 days, 4 hours, and 10 minutes (to the second).

Another thing worth mentioning, is that there was no field in the whois contact details for the State/Province, so I had to include the Province in the City field.

These are minor things, though. So far I’m satisfied with

Other Registrars

For completeness, I’ll mention that in the past I’ve also used Network Solutions (back when they were the only registrar),, and GoDaddy. I never transferred out from those registrars and no longer have any of those old domain names. Of those three registrars, I had a favorable impression of, and I’d probably use them again, except their prices are a little high.

  • Wonderful article regarding registrar.
    I’m thinking to use Itnernet.Bs, but it look like have less domain registered with them compared to others, like Dynadot and
    But your article give me confident that I will try

  • Hi Kitvy. I hope you’ll be pleased with

  • looks good to me. Thanks for the review.

  • You’re welcome Wing Loon.

  • Great find! their prices are really cheap. Specially Their european domains, I’ve been looking at these “.re, .eu, .it, .be, .fr”, it’s very expensive in the other registrars. I’ll try them out in my next domain!

    Thank you!

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