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Photoblog Collection

I really enjoy and appreciate photoblogs and think they’re underrepresented on the internet. So I’ve started a new project to help photoblog owners promote their photoblogs.

Photoblog Collection

It’s a free way to give your photoblog a little more exposure.  Submissions are manually reviewed to prevent spam.  Having other websites link to your photoblog is a good thing.  Search engines like to see that, and with enough links they start to give your photoblog more exposure when people search for places and things you’ve photographed.

Another place to promote your photoblog that I really like, is VFXY Photoblogs.  It aggregates photoblog feeds, so you can check out new photos from many photoblogs.  I enjoy finding new photoblogs there, and recommend it.

It’s also good to be listed on DMOZ. Check the various categories, and don’t overlook non-photoblog categories that fit the theme of your photoblog.  It may be easier to get listed in some categories than others.  What I’ve found, is that once you’re listed in DMOZ, many other sites copy the directory (including Google Directory), so it really increases the number of sites linking to your photoblog.

I know it’s easy to get discouraged if you’ve got a new photoblog.  So please take this as encouragement to stick with it, and keep sharing your photos!

Update 2/20/2017: I’m sad to say, I’ve taken down the Photoblog Collection website. As of 2017, it was rarely getting new submissions anymore, and many of the old photoblogs listed were no longer running.

  • Hi,try to check my photoblog too! 😀

  • Hi Maniniyot. You can go here to submit your photoblog if you like:

  • I think DMOZ works well for the same reason other reputable directories work, which is about the manual review from an actual person. It seems like the photoblog collection you mentioned has the same thing going, which is probably why there are so many quality sites.

  • Hi TJ. I think you’re right. Manual review takes time, but it helps.

  • In my opinion TJ is right too. And I found this web site very helpful, thanks

  • Tried to submit to DMOZ but got errors, plan on trying again though, thanks.

  • Share a photo of wherever you are right now. It’s fun and you can promote your photography blog as well.

  • Try photo challenges. A list of the ones I like here:

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