MimboCake Cheesecake Photoblog Theme
MimboCake is a theme for Cheesecake Photoblog. It takes it’s styling from the popular Mimbo theme for WordPress, by Darren Hoyt. Cheesecake Photoblog is a next-generation photoblogging engine.

Update – May 2012

After many years of happily using Cheesecake Photoblog, I’ve moved my photos to WordPress. A look at the Cheesecake Photoblog website suggests that the project isn’t being actively developed. The download section isn’t available anymore, and the demo page returns errors.

Despite that, I probably would have happily continued using it as-is, except for the fact that the version of CakePHP that it uses isn’t compatible with PHP versions higher than 5.2, and I’d like to upgrade to php 5.4.

Anyway, it was nice while it lasted. I’ll keep the original article here for historical purposes, but I’ve removed the downloads.

Photoblogging with style

Now you can have the Mimbo style for your photoblog. Do you want to integrate an advanced photoblog into a WordPress site? By running both Cheesecake and WordPress, you can move between both and maintain a consistent style and design. Think of the possibilities:

  • Run a dedicated Mimbocake/Cheesecake photoblog
  • Add a photoblog to your magazine-style Mimbo/WordPress site
  • Add a WordPress blog to your photoblog
  • Use WordPress to host videos for your photoblog

You can visit my photoblog to see a sample of MimboCake.


It uses Cheesecake and MimboCake for the photos, and WordPress and a modified version of Mimbo for a videos section in a subdirectory. It could just as easily be the other way around, with Cheesecake in a subdirectory for a WordPress site.


Download MimboCake theme v1.0

Change Log

v1.0 3/15/2008 Initial Release (for Cheesecake v1.6 Beta 3)


If you’re not already running Cheesecake, you’ll want to get Cheesecake installed and running properly before proceeding. You can download Cheesecake Photoblog and get more information about it at:


The theme needs to be installed in the cheesecake /app/ directory. If you’ve placed the mimbocake file in the /app/ directory, you can unzip it using a command similar to this:

unzip mimbocake10.zip

This will create a new Mimbocake directory under /app/views/ and /app/webroot/. The /app/views/Mimbocake/ directory contains the bulk of the theme files, with the stylesheet, theme images, and javascript under /app/webroot/Mimbocake/.

After installing the files, activate the theme by logging into Cheesecake and selecting Mimbocake as the theme in the Admin Settings.


Under Admin/Addons the variSizer setting for the Normal size should be 760 proportional and selected as the Default size.

Under Admin/Settings the Maximum size of thumbnail in pixels should be 75 and the Total number of photos in filmstrip should be 5.


Like the Mimbo theme for WordPress, MimboCake requires some customization to get it setup. You should feel comfortable editing files to make the necessary changes for your site.

Custom logo

The theme installs a blank logo image by default. You can replace this with your own logo. Upload your new logo image to /app/webroot/Mimbocake/img/logo.png. To work without stylesheet changes, it should be a 605px x 70px png image. If you want to change the image type or size, you can do so by updating the stylesheet at /app/webroot/Mimbocake/css/style.css.

Look for this section:

h4 {
	background:url(/Mimbocake/img/logo.png) no-repeat;

You can change the image filename in the background setting, and the width and height as necessary. There are some Status messages displayed to the right of the logo in Mimbocake, and a search bar to the right of the logo in Mimbo, so making the image too wide may interfere with those.

Image file location

There are several image files referenced in the stylesheet. If you’re installing Mimbocake in a subdirectory, you may need to adjust the URLs for the images. If you’ve uploaded a logo and it’s not displaying, this is likely the cause. Just search the style.css file for “url”. The URLs that begin with /Mimbocake/ are the ones to modify with the path appropriate for your site.

About page

The about page can also be customized by editing the /app/views/Mimbocake/pages/about.thtml file. Just edit the html as desired. There is a blank about.jpg image displayed by default. You can upload a new about.jpg image to /app/webroot/Mimbocake/img/about.jpg. If you delete this about.thtml file for Mimbocake, Cheesecake will use the default about.thtml file under /app/views/pages/about.thtml.

Most Viewed / Last Viewed changes

There are a few modifications to Cheesecake system files you may want to make for best results. The most important one involves the hitstats plugin for the Most Viewed and Last Viewed browsing options. There are Hover Box images that pop up as you hover over the thumbnails that interfere with the drop down menus. To disable the Hover box functionality, you can replace the /app/plugins/hitstats/views/mostviewed.thtml system file with this one:

Download mostviewed.thtml for MimboCake theme

You can unzip the file after downloading it like this:

unzip mostviewed.thtml.zip

It’s a good idea to make a copy of the original file first, in case you need to change it back sometime.

Tag List

The second system file change fixes some spacing inconsistencies when you’re browsing tags and click on “Show all tags.” It would be good to make this change, but it’s not required if the spacing doesn’t bother you. To make the change, you can replace the /app/views/tags/ajax_index.thtml system file with this one:

Download ajax_index.thtml for MimboCake theme

You can unzip the file after downloading it like this:

unzip ajax_index.thtml.zip

It’s a good idea to make a copy of the original file first, in case you need to change it back sometime.

Comment display order

The third system file change is optional. By default, comments for each photo are displayed in reverse order with the newer comments first. If you’d prefer to change the display order so the first comments will be first (similar to the default in WordPress), you can edit the /app/models/photo.php system file.

Search for this line:

'order' => 'Comment.created DESC',

Remove the “DESC” at the end, so it looks like this:

'order' => 'Comment.created',

This is a personal preference, and there’s no need to change it if you’re happy with the reverse order comments the way they are.

RSS Feed images

The fourth system file change is also optional. By default, thumbnail images are used for RSS feeds. If you would like to use a larger image for the RSS feed without increasing the size of the thumbnails, you can use the “small” image set to whatever you like for the RSS feed. To do this you can edit the /app/controllers/photos_controller.php system file, under “function rss()”:


$thumbSrc = substr($this->siteUrl,0,-10). "app/webroot/img/thumbnails/" . $photo['Photo']['filename'];


$thumbSrc = substr($this->siteUrl,0,-10). "app/webroot/img/photos/small_" . $photo['Photo']['filename'];

Also change:

$thumbSrc = $this->siteUrl . "img/thumbnails/" . $photo['Photo']['filename'];


$thumbSrc = $this->siteUrl . "img/photos/small_" . $photo['Photo']['filename'];

This is useful if your RSS feed is picked up by VFXY Photos. I have “small” set to 130px sqaure, and it works well for this purpose (you could try proportional instead of square, if you prefer). If you’re happy with the thumbnail images for the RSS feed, there’s no need to make this change.

Custom colors

There are a few colors used in the theme you may want to change:

Blue: #186fd0
Light Blue: #dce9ff
Lighter Blue: #edf5ff

These are different from the default Mimbo theme colors. You can do a search and replace on /app/webroot/Mimbocake/css/style.css and substitute whatever colors you like.

Gravatar enabled for comments

Gravatar is enabled for comments by default. If you want to disable the gravatars, you can remove this section in /app/views/Mimbocake/photos/index.thtml:

/* Begin Gravatar Code */
$grav_url = "http://www.gravatar.com/avatar.php?gravatar_id=".md5(strtolower($Comment['email'])).
/* End Gravatar Code */
<img src="<?php echo $grav_url; ?>" alt="" width="32" height="32" />

Also remove this section in /app/views/Mimbocake/comments/index.thtml (almost the same):

/* Begin Gravatar Code */
$grav_url = "http://www.gravatar.com/avatar.php?gravatar_id=".md5(strtolower($Comment['Comment']['email'])).
/* End Gravatar Code */
<img src="<?php echo $grav_url; ?>" alt="" width="32" height="32" />

You can also change the PG rating in those two sections if you want it set differently.

Removing the Login menu item

If you want to remove the Login menu item, you can edit the /app/views/Mimbocake/layouts/default.thtml theme file and remove this line:

<li><?php echo ($session->read('rdAuth.admin') ? $html->link("Logout",'/users/logout/') :
 $html->link("Login",'/users/login/')); ?></li>

You can login by going to the /users/login/ page manually, and logout by going to the /users/logout/ page.

Adding new menu items

If you want to add additional menu items, you can add them to the same section in the /app/views/Mimbocake/layouts/default.thtml theme file. For example, after this section:

<li><?php echo $html->link("Comments",'/comments/'); ?></li>

You could add a link to another area of your site. For example, to link to a videos section you could add:

<li><?php echo $html->link("Videos",'/videos/'); ?></li>

That’s assuming your videos section is in the /videos/ subdirectory (perhaps using WordPress or some other software).

Changing the footer

The footer is also found in the /app/views/Mimbocake/layouts/default.thtml theme file. The footer is at the end of the file under div id=”footer”. It adds a copyright message for your site name by default, but you can change that here:

<div id="footer">
<?php echo ' &#169; ' ?>
<?php echo $session->read('cheeseCake.siteName'); ?>

You can add additional links to other sites in this section as well. For example, if you use VFXY Photos, you could add a link similar to this:

<?php echo ' | <a href="http://photos.vfxy.com/" title="VFXY Photos">VFXY Photos</a>' ?>

That’s all.

Forum and Discussion

Cheesecake Photoblog Forum


Cheesecake Photoblog for the software and the Modern theme which was the starting point for this theme.
Darren Hoyt for his Mimbo theme for WordPress and stylesheet, and updated comment styling.
kde-look.org for the image control icons.
TwinHelix for the IE PNG Fix (fixing transparent png images for IE5.5 and IE6).
Gravatar for the PHP implementation information and sample.

This page may be updated from time to time with new or corrected information.

Last Updated: 5/26/2012

  • Awesome post to learn about MimboCake Buddy….. The configuration of this MimboCake is great. Its very easy to install, setting, tag list, download etc…. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • This theme is just GREAT!! I’ve been looking for this theme from a long time. As a photo-blogger I know about the vitality of this theme. Thanks mate 🙂

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