Electric Rates in the Philippines

Electric Meter
Electricity is one thing that is not cheap in the Philippines. Meralco customers in Manila are reporting huge increases in their latest April 2010 electric bills. Like increases to P13.25 ($0.294) per kWh.

Up north we have a local electric utility and our electric rate has stayed about the same. We’ll see if we get hit with an increase during the May billing.

Our bill went up, but it was due to increased consumption, probably due to the heat (air conditioners working harder).  Our April bill was P9,894 ($220) for 1,337 kWh, or P7.4 ($0.164) per kWh. For comparison, our March bill was P8,982 ($200) for 1,182 kWh, or P7.6 ($0.169) per kWh.  The rate actually decreased a little.

I pulled out a bill from around 6 months ago (October 2009) and it was P7,578 ($168) for 1,142 kWh, or P6.6 ($0.147) per kWh. So in 6 months it’s increased about 12%.

We’ve usually got one air conditioner running almost 24/7, water pumps, and an electric hot water heater, along with lights and all of the other usual things. I’d really like to get a solar hot water heater some day. I think that would help.

There’s a protest for the increased Meralco rates going on at Facebook and it’s gotten some press coverage. Good luck. The increase comes at an especially unfortunate time, during the hottest part of the year.

UPDATE: The cost of electricity increased about 10% with the May billing, to P8.1 ($0.18) per kWh.

UPDATE: I’ve been keeping track of the cost of electricity from March 2010 to the present. I’ve charted the results so you can see the electricity price over time and the trend (red line).

Electricity Price per kWh (in PHP)

Last updated October 2012

  • The cost of electricity increased about 10% with the May billing, to P8.1 ($0.18) per kWh.
    how about last month? september or october???

  • Hi arif. With the exception of a spike to P9.25 per kWh in September 2010, it seems to have settled around P7.60 per kWh lately.

    June 2010 was P7.45 per kWh.
    July 2010 was P7.83 per kWh.
    August 2010 was P7.67 per kWh.
    September 2010 was P9.25 per kWh.
    October 2010 was P7.60 per kWh.

  • veco in cebu spike to P10.09 per kWh this april 2011

  • Hi jesemae. Wow! That’s too high.

    Ours was P8.58 per kWh last month, and I thought that was high.

    November 2010 was P7.58 per kWh.
    December 2010 was P7.85 per kWh.
    January 2011 was P8.27 per kWh.
    February 2011 was P8.02 per kWh.
    March 2011 was P8.37 per kWh.
    April 2011 was P8.58 per kWh.

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  • This reminds me that the price of electricity in Mindanao is lower than in Luzon areas or Manila. But I like being in Luzon area since there is less brownout compared to schedule brownout in the province. I am wishing that solar panels would be affordable so that I could be able to avail it.

  • In the US solar panel prices are dropping, but they’re still pretty expensive in the Philippines, unfortunately. Solar panels are manufactured in the Philippines and then exported.

  • I am doing some research about PH electricity rates.
    when you state your rates, could you specify the city pl.

  • Hi Nash. I’m in San Fernando City, La Union.

    Here’s the most recent rates I paid, too:

    May 2011 was P8.66 per kWh.
    June 2011 was P8.16 per kWh.
    July 2011 was P8.70 per kWh.

    P8.70 per kWh is about $0.207 USD.

  • What is the price of solar panels there now? How much per watt for a solar panel?

  • The least expensive solar panels I’ve found here in the Philippines so far are P140 per watt (about $3.31 USD), and that’s if you buy in quantities of 2500 watts or more.


  • policy theres is the More Electricity you Consume .the Electricity Rates that Charge for per kwh wll be more Higher ..example ..if a residential account of consume electricity of 200 kwh a month .the basis rates of electricity that charged was 6.80 pesos per kwh . .when their electricity consume increase to 300 kwh a month .the basis rates of electricity that charged will be 7.10 pesos per kwh ..and when electricity consume increase to 400 kwh a month .the basis rates of electricity that charged will be 7.40 pesos per kwh ..for 500 kwh per month will be 7.90 pesos per kwh …—–..3. ..the components of electricity costs which include Transmission and Generation Charges.

  • Does anyone know if the Philippines approved Net Metering when using a solar panels? if they did does anyone have details?

  • Hi Joe. There is the Renewable Energy Act of 2008, R.A. 9513. You can read it here:


    Net-metering for Renewable Energy is under Section 10.

    It’s not clear to me whether this has actually been implemented, in practice, or if utility companies are complying with it.

  • Hi! Can I ask what is the difference of electricity cost between Philippines and America?

  • It depends on the exact area, but generally electricity is more expensive in the Philippines than in America. The last time I was in California I think I was paying around $0.12 USD per kWh and I’m paying around $0.20 USD per kWh in the Philippines now.

  • HI! ! !

    I’m a student. . .
    I need data.
    Could anyone here have the prices per month from jan 2005 to december 2010? ? ? pls. . . I need them. . .

    thank you very much! ! !

  • hi.. we are studying about electric submetering system… can anyone tell me the monthly power rate in the Phils? especially in Mindanao? we need to get the annual average for our study…please help.

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  • Hi,here in Puerto Galera ,Mindoro we pay 11.75 peso per kilo watt and have daily brownouts ,next year we will install solar panels on the roof the price this days is around 100 peso for 1 watt, after 10 years the costs are paid and by then maybe the kilowatt hour will be around 20 peso !!!

  • hi! how much is it to install and register for electricity? considering that we are starting up a small business.

  • what percentage of electrical rate increase do you get per year in Manilla?? please help us.. thank you

  • Hi guys,
    How much do we need to shell out for water and electricity (meters, etc) if we were to start a business in QC/Ortigas?
    Would anyone know how much is the rate/kwh?

  • Hi guys can any one tell me what is charge of 1kwh in vigan the person is telling 28 peso is it correct

  • Hi manish. I’m not sure how much electricity is in Vigan, but a few hours south in La Union I paid P10.66 per kWh (0.245 USD) on my last bill.

    From what I can find, Vigan is served by ISECO (Ilocos Sur Electric Cooperative). You could try contacting them to find out.

  • Hi how much is the current rate of commercial here at ISELCO 1

  • I would like to know the electricity rates in Luzon and Visayas in Jan 2011 and June 2016

  • I would like to know the commercial rates in Luzon and Visayas in Jan 2011 and June 2016

  • What is the difference in terms of percentage between the electrical cost of residential area VS commercial area VS factory . . . Can you give an estimate. Thank you ?

  • It probably depends on the city, but for where I am it doesn’t seem to vary more than 10%, according to the published average rates.

    For example, these were the published average rates for December 2016:

    Residential: 8.9631
    General Services 0-5kW: 9.7504
    General Services 5kW+: 8.4932
    Industrial: 8.9669

  • Thank you David . . . it help a lot in our sudies

  • Hi David, if not much, can you site the link on your sources please 🙂 TYSM!

  • Teddy, you can see the links in the post for the sources, though some of them have expired by now, since this post is 7 years old. But largely, the source was me and my own electric bill!

  • i am one of the consumers of Abra Electric Cooperative (ABRECO) as of Janauary 2017 i paid 1,607.57 kilowatt used 120 = 13.39 per kwh

    what do you think with charges per kilowatt hour with abreco? sobrang mahal po 13.39 per kwh compared sa inyong electric supplier, madalas din po sila magbrown out lalo na sa saturday, they advised from 5am to 5pm especially rainy days.

  • That is expensive! I’m south of you in San Fernando City, La Union, and I use LUECO. On my January 2017 bill I paid P9.49 per kWh, and on my last bill (March 2017) I paid P9.51 per kWh.

    Even here there are a lot of power outages, some scheduled and some not. I finally got a generator about 5 years ago to deal with it.

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