Flash Player Problems After Upgrading to Windows 10

A Nice Chicken

I upgraded my system recently from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and started having problems with Flash Player videos freezing or stuttering. The audio would continue to play normally, but the video would freeze for a second and then start again. This would happen repeatedly throughout a video, with some sites being worse than others. After many days of searching and trying different things, I finally got it fixed.
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SecureDragon VPS 1+ Year Review


I’ve used SecureDragon for over a year now (since November 2012), and I wanted to give them credit for providing a great service. I’ve used many different services, and I think this is one of the best.
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Missing Comments

mysql comments

I just discovered a bunch of missing comments, from the end of 2012 and all of 2013. I think I must have deleted them while removing spam, and didn’t catch it at the time.
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Topping TP30 Amplifier

Topping TP30

The Topping TP30 solves the problem of what to do if you want to use regular non-powered speakers with your computer. The TP30 is a small stereo amplifier with a built-in USB DAC to connect to your computer.
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Network Problems and the OBi110


Do you have an OBi110 (or OBi100) ATA and noticed intermittant local network problems? I experienced network problems off and on for almost a year where one of my switches and everything plugged into it would lock-up. I tried replacing the switch and cabling, but nothing seemed to help.
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Quad LNBF for Multiple Cignal Satellite Receivers

DMSI Quad LNBF Installed

In the Philippines, we have 3 competing satellite TV services: Cignal, Dream, and GSAT. For Dream and GSAT (at least the last time I checked), if you want to have multiple receivers in your house, you have to pay for separate subscriptions for each receiver (at full price). For post-paid customers, Cignal will let you have up to 3 receivers on the same plan, with no extra monthly charges for the additional receivers (assuming you buy the receivers yourself).
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Kazila Xen VPS Review (1.5 years)


Kazila must be one of the best kept secrets in the webhosting world. They’ve been around since 2007, and I’ve seen posts on webhostingtalk from them going back to 2008. I signed up for Xen VPS service with them at the end of March 2011, shortly after their first LowEndBox posting.
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Bitcoin Price in USD

bitcoin price chart

bitcoin price chart

bitcoin price chart

bitcoin price chart

To buy and sell bitcoins in the Philippines, check out coins.ph.

A Free New York Phone Number from Callcentric

Polycom 321

Callcentric just started offering free New York phone numbers for use with their VoIP service.

At launch time, they’re saying they’ve got free phone numbers “available in over 80 rate centers (cities) within New York State.”
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What do you use your VPS for?

A Nice Goat
I don’t have a picture of a VPS for you for this post, but here’s a nice goat. That’s nice, too, isn’t it?

I run an nginx webserver, PHP-FPM, XCache, and MySQL for some WordPress and CakePHP websites.

I run NSD DNS servers to manage DNS for my domains. I currently use 3 different VPSs from different providers for this.

I run a Postfix mail server to handle my personal email, and retrieve it via pop3s using Dovecot. A secondary MX runs on an alternate VPS in case the main VPS is down. I also use dkim-milter to automatically add dkim signatures to outgoing email.
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